Seven Wonders

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Seven Wonders.”

Khalil Gibran once said that people will never understand one another unless language is reduced to seven words. What would your seven words be?

  • Love
  • Sorry
  • Forgive
  • Joy
  • Help
  • Sorrow
  • Together

What about you, readers? These were mostly my first instincts, but I had to think more the farther I got down the list. What would your seven words be, and why?

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A Case of the “Mondays”

When you feel like giving up September 14: As goes the saying, “When it rains, it pours.” Today, it poured.

It’s funny, I wrote the above draft a month ago, yet today I am unsure what exactly prompted the post (though I have something of an idea: that was probably the day of the two totaled cars in the family and totaled car for the boyfriend, among other things). That is a good reminder that troubles never last forever. On another day during which the stress seems prone to multiplying, I want to remember this simple phrase: Better Things Are Coming. I may not yet know what those “better things” will be, but I do know that everything will work out. Hitting the gym and pounding the track used to be my methods for coping with problems; I’m looking forward to incorporating those back into my life in a much more hardcore manner, like before (I do miss those abs!). I’ve just got to keep my head up, continue working hard (and indeed, begin to work much harder), remember my purpose, and aggressively go after all that I want. I may be looking at a setback or two, it’s true, but if I keep pushing, everything will pay off in the long run.  And if not I can always lie in bed and drink wine with my cat, so we’re looking at a win-win situation here, let’s be honest. 😉

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Windshield or the Bug?

It Never Rains Forever I can’t decide which of the two I am this week, it seems. There certainly have been lots of ups and downs: I’ve gotten great workouts in; been notified that I did not get the job I somewhat thought I had in the bag; accomplished a decent amount on my parents’ house; successfully managed a (stressful) promotional event; spent much-overdue time with one of my best friends; fought with the boyfriend and felt terrible about it/been over the moon about my success on what (I hope) will be a pretty darn badass birthday surprise for him; family dog was successfully treated for heartworms; felt fat then strong then slow then fat-ish; more financial stressers for the parentals…etc.

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