Choosing Forgiveness, Finding Peace

This week has been one full of lessons for me.

I’ve learned exactly how fast I can move when I witness an electrical fire in a garage full of cars…that happens to be located directly under my apartment. (Spoiler: car and cat were both moved to safe locations and the fire department got there within minutes, so thankfully no vehicles burst into flame.)

I’ve learned that this adult ADHD means I still deal with certain types of stress the same as always: don’t eat (and y’all KNOW I love food), don’t sleep, and run like hell. I’ve actually lost a full 1.5 inches from my waist just since Thanksgiving last week.

I’ve also been gently reminded that we simply can’t expect other people to treat us how we would treat them, whether in friendship, in love, or in life in general. We don’t all have the same ideas about transparency, loyalty, forgiveness, patience, or what it means to love each other with the fierceness that I believe we all deserve. But you know what? That’s okay.

At the end of the day, I think it goes a long way to just be kind. Remember that everyone is doing his or her own best in the midst of individual uncertainty, hurt, insecurity, fear, rejection, and everything else that life throws at each one of us. Maybe we’d all do well to forgive each other for being human and choose to gravitate toward people who love like we do.

This morning, the first day of one of my favorite months of the year, I woke up suddenly thankful for the little things (like my all-time favorite coffee creamer finally being in stock!) and the big things (like the fact that even on weeks like this one, I am blessed enough to do what I love for a living), and that was a nice change.

Life is crazy and beautiful; here’s to the next adventure, whatever that may be.

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