People are Allowed to Leave You

People are Allowed to Leave YouI saw this last night and found it very interesting. It tugs at my heart a bit, especially given the recent break-up (though we did talk again for almost two hours the other night, so I’m doing pretty well, all things considered), but overall I found it to ring true. I can’t quite put my finger on why, but it prompted an odd feeling of unrest in me despite the fact that I think it provides a fair assessment. As one of my grad school professors used to say, “People are just trying to get their needs met.”

What about you, readers? How do you feel about the above quote?

4 thoughts on “People are Allowed to Leave You”

  1. I agree that we all have the right to be happy, even sometimes at the expense of the happiness of others. First rule of robotics, right? It doesn’t mean we have to like it if it impinges on our own happiness though. But think of it this way: if the other person wasn’t happy, would we be truly happy if they stayed just to placate us?

    1. Exactly: there would be no stability, no joy, no genuineness in “not leaving,” as opposed to staying by virtue of the pure desire to. Your comment brought to mind a relevant quote that I have only recently come across: “You are not required to set yourself on fire to keep others warm.”

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