Referee Cat to the Rescue?

To be honest, for most of today I have wanted to crawl back under the covers, cry, wallow in my anger/sadness, and go back to sleep until everything feels better. Instead, I opened this lovely doodle book my (now former) significant other got me as part of my Christmas present, deciding instead to drown my crankiness in a sea of valiant attempts at artistic things until work. Doodling for Cat People

Now, I am NOT an artist (like, by any stretch of the imagination: one time in high school I tried to doodle a trumpet and ended up drawing a penis. in permanent marker. on my leg…but I digress), but I’ve been determined to spend time practicing things at which I am really, really bad.

For me, this book has been pretty outstanding (so thank you Ms. Gemma Correll, wherever you may happen to be). It breaks the activities up into bite-sized steps that I can understand and complete one at a time without requiring me to feel pressure to be super creative or brilliantly funny and crafty and superhuman. It may not have fixed my heartsickness, but this wasn’t a bad diversion as I move in that direction. =)

That being said, I give you…Referee Cat!

Doodle Your Cat's Profession Referee Cat

(I don’t know how to draw a whistle, so I haven’t added his whistle yet. But I will!)

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