Repeating Life’s Lessons Until They Are Learned

If there is anything I think I finally, finally need to thoroughly learn this year, it is to stop trusting men I care about more than I trust my own intuition. “Always trust your gut” is an adage I’ve heard probably from the time I could walk, but it’s a lot easier said than done when going with your gut means acknowledging that someone you love, admire, esteem, etc., is lying to you or simply isn’t who you thought they were.

I thought I got the message after Seyi, but with D. I got burned yet again by not listening to that inner voice and just walking away as soon as something felt “off,” even when he said nothing was wrong. I knew something was different the very evening he left Dallas.

And here we are again: he’s already doing the same thing to another woman, and she’s all over social media posting pictures of him/them, calling him her “soulmate” and her “hero”…while that same damn week, he was telling me he wasn’t even talking to anyone else, wasn’t seeing or sleeping with anyone else…completely pretending she didn’t exist. I can’t blame her though–I know exactly how he gets, and he fooled me too. I’m always so cautious, and he had me head-over-heels just as quickly. I just feel bad for her, especially since she has a daughter.

I can’t believe I thought he was a good person. I guess I got fooled by a liar and coward yet again. At least I got out earlier this time…but I can’t do this again. I just don’t think I can take any more of this.

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