Self-confidence Sunday #18

Hands Prep Stunt United Cheer Dallas#MightyMouseActivities

“Though she be but little, she is fierce.” I may be (very) tired right now, but I am strong and I am a hard worker. Things are coming together, and I hope ***fingers crossed*** that something big is about to happen for me in my career. And if not, I’ll just keep on lifting big people. =)

I’m Baa-aack!

This is the face of a woman who straight put. in. work. at the gym last night. Maybe it was the pre-workout (or the spinach ravioli, which was delicious), or maybe it was just time for me to feel badass again, but either way, everything went awesome last night. I felt inspired to try all these things I had never done before, along with knocking out some difficult reps of those I had (but not since waaay back in college), and was so surprised (though maybe I shouldn’t have been?) when I could actually do them!

I’ll have to take photos (or videos) of some of those experiments, but I learned last night that I could do a pike hold on the ground, and I think I’m prettyyy close to being able to do a press-handstand. 🙂 I also just got in a bit of a “flyer” mood and decided to climb on the squat racks and do cheer-esque things, since they didn’t have any stools I could use for that. No staff members saw and asked me to hop off though, so until that happens, I’ll just keep doing that sort of thing when I get in the mood.

One plus to being able to lift heavy weights and do complicated things that require a lot of flexibility and stability is that when men stare at me at the gym, it’s much less uncomfortable because they usually aren’t just “creeping.” And if they are, I comfort myself by grabbing the bench/rack next to them and throwing on more weight than they’re using, so there’s that. 😉 But it’s a nice feeling to have people come comment on what I’m doing, ask questions, etc. rather than just stare at my ass, ask me out, or ask if I “need help” with something (I don’t). I’d really love to find a workout partner, but hopefully that will happen soon!

Self-confidence Sunday #10

Abs Fitness Progress PhotoI took this photo before going to the gym earlier this week. It’s been interesting, because during the course of coaching 15-20 hours a week plus being so stressed by everything to do with the precursors to the breakup, I lost more weight and size than I realized.

When I pulled clothes together for my job interview, I realized that my “post-surgery office clothes” no longer fit me anymore. That’s (mostly) a good thing, although I’ve really got to take care that I’m eating enough going forward. Usually I eat plentyyy, but my stress response includes an appetite that is cut to nearly nothing.

Anyway, I’ve lost inches all over. My waist is back down to 25.5-26, depending on the day, and my hips went from a 39.5 (yes, my lower body gets huge for my very petite size) to a 37. As long as I’m still gaining in strength, I’m fine with that, but I don’t know that I want to get as tiny as I was in high school! My weight is sitting at about 118 right now, and I think I’m good as long as I don’t get below about 110.

How has your own journey toward health, fitness, or strength been going this year? Have you been able to keep up with your New Year’s resolution, or did you hit a snag this month?

Self-Confidence Sunday #9

Delts Fitness Progress PhotoThis post isn’t particularly inspiring or exciting, but I took this photo last Saturday when I hit the gym and noticed that my “coaching delts” are certainly back in full-force. People often are surprised that coaching alone keeps my upper body in such good shape, but that just goes to show that they often don’t understand what goes into the job! For a great many reasons that go beyond physical fitness, I am so grateful to have the opportunity to be a coach. It makes me happy, and it flat-out just makes me a better person all-around.

Bump in the Road & Blessing in Disguise

I wanted my first post of 2016 to be about looking forward, about the major points my significant other earned on Christmas and New Year’s, about excitement and plans and self-improvement (and probably about cheeseburgers to be honest, if I included my top priorities in life). Instead, I was thrown a bit of a wrench health-wise at the turn of the year.

However, an awesome, unexpected thing happened as I worked through the shock and confusion of the diagnosis: I realized that I could simply choose not to let it upset me. Indeed, even though it may (or may not) be something I have to deal with in the future, I felt at my very core that I just do not have enough energy left to be sad and downtrodden this year. I will no longer dwell on things I cannot change, on events over which I have no control. I will not rob myself of happiness in 2016.

The whole experience was very liberating. It was as if in some small way, I had finally given myself permission to just be happy again…even if my life isn’t where I feel it should be. If I wake up in a bad mood or begin to feel overwhelmed about the many things I feel I must do in order to be “good enough,” I have learned to breathe, repeat my mantra “Today is a good day,” and then live in such a way as to make that statement come true. I may still have a long way to go, and there are plenty of unmet goals towards which I am striving, but I now have peace of mind as I remember that I am worthy of happiness anyway.