I’m Baa-aack!

This is the face of a woman who straight put. in. work. at the gym last night. Maybe it was the pre-workout (or the spinach ravioli, which was delicious), or maybe it was just time for me to feel badass again, but either way, everything went awesome last night. I felt inspired to try all these things I had never done before, along with knocking out some difficult reps of those I had (but not since waaay back in college), and was so surprised (though maybe I shouldn’t have been?) when I could actually do them!

I’ll have to take photos (or videos) of some of those experiments, but I learned last night that I could do a pike hold on the ground, and I think I’m prettyyy close to being able to do a press-handstand. 🙂 I also just got in a bit of a “flyer” mood and decided to climb on the squat racks and do cheer-esque things, since they didn’t have any stools I could use for that. No staff members saw and asked me to hop off though, so until that happens, I’ll just keep doing that sort of thing when I get in the mood.

One plus to being able to lift heavy weights and do complicated things that require a lot of flexibility and stability is that when men stare at me at the gym, it’s much less uncomfortable because they usually aren’t just “creeping.” And if they are, I comfort myself by grabbing the bench/rack next to them and throwing on more weight than they’re using, so there’s that. 😉 But it’s a nice feeling to have people come comment on what I’m doing, ask questions, etc. rather than just stare at my ass, ask me out, or ask if I “need help” with something (I don’t). I’d really love to find a workout partner, but hopefully that will happen soon!

Referee Cat to the Rescue?

To be honest, for most of today I have wanted to crawl back under the covers, cry, wallow in my anger/sadness, and go back to sleep until everything feels better. Instead, I opened this lovely doodle book my (now former) significant other got me as part of my Christmas present, deciding instead to drown my crankiness in a sea of valiant attempts at artistic things until work. Doodling for Cat People

Now, I am NOT an artist (like, by any stretch of the imagination: one time in high school I tried to doodle a trumpet and ended up drawing a penis. in permanent marker. on my leg…but I digress), but I’ve been determined to spend time practicing things at which I am really, really bad.

For me, this book has been pretty outstanding (so thank you Ms. Gemma Correll, wherever you may happen to be). It breaks the activities up into bite-sized steps that I can understand and complete one at a time without requiring me to feel pressure to be super creative or brilliantly funny and crafty and superhuman. It may not have fixed my heartsickness, but this wasn’t a bad diversion as I move in that direction. =)

That being said, I give you…Referee Cat!

Doodle Your Cat's Profession Referee Cat

(I don’t know how to draw a whistle, so I haven’t added his whistle yet. But I will!)