The February Trifecta

We always talk about trouble coming in threes, and though this often seems to (randomly) match reality, I generally consider the phrase to be the equivalent of folklore. After the past week or so, however, I think I may need to reevaluate that stance.

One: Significant other broke up with me (on Valentine’s Day, though that was partly at my urging that we make a decision rather than let it hang over us any longer).

Two: Unexpected death of a family member (extended family, to clarify) Monday

Three: Job offer that seemed right on the horizon pretty much evaporated (aaand when I turn 26 Tuesday, my health insurance evaporates too; at least I had a back-up plan in case I didn’t get this job, so I won’t be paying a fee). I think they hired internally, in which case there was never much of a shot in the first place…and I do not quite understand why I was given the encouragement that I was given.

At least there has been movement related to the first “trouble,” and I have requests for interviews other places related to the third. But good grief, can a girl catch a break this February?! 😉

If nothing else, I am very grateful that a “switch” seems to have flipped in 2016: I simply no longer have the energy to be sad this year. Coaching has helped tremendously with that. I admit that I was pretty down in the dumps about the boy, mostly because I am not working full-time+, but I feel much better about that right now (probably due to phone calls with him, but I digress). I suppose I’ll just keep on keepin’ on, trying to find the lessons in all this, and remembering that a year from now, I will not still be in this position.

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