Windshield or the Bug?

It Never Rains Forever I can’t decide which of the two I am this week, it seems. There certainly have been lots of ups and downs: I’ve gotten great workouts in; been notified that I did not get the job I somewhat thought I had in the bag; accomplished a decent amount on my parents’ house; successfully managed a (stressful) promotional event; spent much-overdue time with one of my best friends; fought with the boyfriend and felt terrible about it/been over the moon about my success on what (I hope) will be a pretty darn badass birthday surprise for him; family dog was successfully treated for heartworms; felt fat then strong then slow then fat-ish; more financial stressers for the parentals…etc.

I think at this point, it will be important for me to just remember that I am exactly where I am supposed to be right now. I can turn every situation into an opportunity for growth and advancement, and I can use all these experiences to become a better, stronger, more compassionate person. New mantra: “I don’t have “problems,” I am currently exploring opportunities to further enrich my life experience.” (Not sure that’s going to catch on…but it’ll do for now!)

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