Woes of Work (or Lack Thereof)

Perhaps it’s the head cold that has me a bit down; maybe it’s the breakup aftermath. Either way, I’m having trouble avoiding a fixation on my job woes today.

I know that breaking into a new field is hard, especially with a master’s degree in a different field (and simultaneous graduate assistantship experience *in* the relevant field, which doesn’t always count because it occurred while I was in school. ugh). Despite that, I’m pretty irritated about how the process has gone so far. Especially when the interviews go so well, even to the point of my receiving detailed employee benefits information (costs and everything, I mean)…only to receive an email a couple days later that they are “moving forward” with other candidates–except that it looks like it just went to a guy already in the company. Internal politics, I suppose.

I love coaching, and I am determined to keep that in my schedule. I’ll still do promotions on the side, but I realized last night that I really just don’t want to do them anymore. I started working promos when I was 20, right at the end of my sophomore year of college. It was great money–and indeed, I used to make a living off of them–but I’m just done, I think. I’m ready to go back to being in an office five days a week, having a salary and benefits, and not having to worry about living paycheck to paycheck.

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