Self-confidence Sunday #10

Abs Fitness Progress PhotoI took this photo before going to the gym earlier this week. It’s been interesting, because during the course of coaching 15-20 hours a week plus being so stressed by everything to do with the precursors to the breakup, I lost more weight and size than I realized.

When I pulled clothes together for my job interview, I realized that my “post-surgery office clothes” no longer fit me anymore. That’s (mostly) a good thing, although I’ve really got to take care that I’m eating enough going forward. Usually I eat plentyyy, but my stress response includes an appetite that is cut to nearly nothing.

Anyway, I’ve lost inches all over. My waist is back down to 25.5-26, depending on the day, and my hips went from a 39.5 (yes, my lower body gets huge for my very petite size) to a 37. As long as I’m still gaining in strength, I’m fine with that, but I don’t know that I want to get as tiny as I was in high school! My weight is sitting at about 118 right now, and I think I’m good as long as I don’t get below about 110.

How has your own journey toward health, fitness, or strength been going this year? Have you been able to keep up with your New Year’s resolution, or did you hit a snag this month?

5 thoughts on “Self-confidence Sunday #10”

    1. Thank you. =) That was about when I realized that I can do all of the things in the gym (stunt/tumbling-wise) that I used to do if I’ll just go for them. I’m excited to be back at it…especially since I’ve got a bit of a chip on my shoulder! Injuries and mental blocks really robbed me of a lot of skills.

    1. Thank you; I needed to hear that today. Things have been rough recently, but I know it’ll get better if I just hold on!

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