Self-Confidence Sunday #21–Big Girl Job, Big Girl Hair

So if you follow me on any social media platforms, you have probably just seen this picture due to my excitement. =) Finally, after a full year of putting it off (partly because I’m thrifty, partly because I’m lazy), I went and got this hair handled! One of the guys who used to coach with me also happens to be a cosmetologist and he is FABULOUS. Seriously. I don’t think my hair has ever looked this good, and I am so ecstatic about it. But as he said, “You got the big girl job, now it’s time to get the big girl hair!”

[Preemptive referral in case anyone is looking for a hairstylist: If you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and want to get the hair hook-up for a fair but way-cheaper-than-the-salon price (he works at a very high-end salon, but when he does hair on the side obviously he doesn’t charge extra for all the unnecessary frills), let me know and I am more than happy to get you his number.]

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