Stop. Killing. Us.

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It’s cases like this that lead women to be so infuriated when men complain about being “friend-zoned” whereas meanwhile, we’re worried about our actual safety. It’s the fact that most of us–often numerous times and in a variety of settings–have endured threats, harassment, and worse after we refuse unwanted advances. And, for the record, women of color often face even greater rates of violence and harassment than do white women.

The reality is that things like this happen every single day (yes, seriously)…and you still wonder why we’re apprehensive? Thank people like this guy (and your neighbor, cousin, classmate, coworker, friend who’s “a jerk but we’re still cool though”…etc.) for that. Be an ally, not a passive bystander. “Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them.”–Margaret Atwood


Stop. Killing. Us.


Teen Who Stabbed Classmate to Death for Rejecting His Prom Invitation Pleads No Contest 

By Anna Merlan

Teen Who Stabbed Classmate to Death for Rejecting His Prom Invitation Pleads No Contest 

Plaskon during a January 28, 2016 hearing. Photo via AP Images
Christopher Plaskon, 18, pleaded no contest Monday on charges that he murdered classmate Maren Sanchez in 2014. Sanchez was 16 and a junior at Jonathan Law High School in Milford, Connecticut, when Plaskon stabbed her to death. Sanchez had rejected his invitation to come with him to the prom.

Plaskon appeared briefly in court this morning, the Hartford-Courant reports, just long enough to enter his plea. A no contest plea means that the defendant doesn’t admit guilt, but which allows a court to impose a punishment. The Courant reports that in court documents, Plaskon is said to have told police just after the stabbing, “I did it. Just arrest me.”

Sanchez died just hours before she was scheduled to attend her prom; her family requested that her friends and classmates not wear prom attire to the wake. A memorial scholarship fund was created in her honor, and a 5k run to raise money for it is scheduled for April 30.

Plaskon is expected to serve 25 years in prison.

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