Surprise, Surprise

“Every day we come across so many things – some mundane and some quite out of the ordinary. … Share one (or more) of those funny/interesting things of your week every Saturday.”

This week was my significant other’s birthday, so naturally, I had some surprises up my sleeve. I met him at work during lunch to get his house key (see, he trusts me!) and headed over to get things ready for the evening. Knowing that he had an extremely busy couple weeks ahead, and that he wanted to have his place straightened up before his siblings, their families, and cousins came in from out of town (and out of the country), I figured I may as well get some cleaning and organizing done while I had the time. And I certainly had plenty of time: he would soon be busy enjoying the professional massage I had arranged as the first of his birthday surprises.

However, just as I was finishing up with the vacuuming, I saw a figure outside the back door and heard someone trying to get in. Though it certainly could have been someone with nefarious intentions, I realized all at once that the person had a key and suddenly knew with certainty who it was: his mother. This, of course, would have been little cause for alarm except for one small detail: I had never met her. In that moment, I truly, truly wished I had worn makeup or that my hair was less mad scientist-esque or that I wasn’t dressed in a slightly homeless fashion. Despite aforementioned appearance-related trepidation, I took a deep breath and went to let the very surprised (and confused) woman in and, after introducing myself (by first name only), I realized she had no earthly idea who I was. I should note that this neither particularly surprised nor bothered me; he and I have very different cultural backgrounds, and with the nature of the relationship between him and his very traditional parents, this made sense.

After several little exchanges–during which she put away the birthday cake and other food she had brought for him–she began walking to the door and turned to ask me one final question: “What do you do?” I then realized that, on top of my being disheveled and randomly in her son’s house doing his dishes, she thought I was unemployed. Understandably, I suppose, given it was 3 in the afternoon…but good grief, what a way to meet your boyfriend’s mother!! On the bright side, at least she didn’t call the police, right?


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