Self-confidence Sunday

Let’s start each week off with a positive, go-get-’em bang! Post a photo (selfies encouraged–really!), quote, poem, or story that makes you feel accomplished, strong, attractive, or just otherwise awesome. The fun part: tell me what about it is so inspiring and/or how you’re going to use that newfound motivation the upcoming week.

Leave a comment with a link to your post so I can follow along, and don’t forget to add a “Self-confidence Sunday” tag and pingback to this post! Happy blogging, and I look forward to learning more about what inspires you. =)

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7 thoughts on “Self-confidence Sunday”

    1. I’m glad you’re interested and wanting to participate! I think the best way to follow along is just to follow my page and/or the tag “self-confidence Sunday” on your reader. I post a new one each Sunday! Does the “follow” button not come up at all (usually bottom right corner) when you scroll down one of my blog pages?

  1. Yes, you are correct. The “Follow” button has yet to show on the bottom right corner of the page. And thank you for the advise 🙂
    Have a beautiful weekend!

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